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The Waters Beneath

February 10, 2015
Foreign Policy

In May 2009, a truck rolled through the Sheikh Yasin camp in Mardan, Pakistan’s “city of hospitality,” where thousands of people had fled following one of the country’s military offensives against the Taliban.

If water was a scarce commodity to this refugee community, ice was a luxury. And it was worth fighting for: A single block could refrigerate whatever perishables the displaced had secured for their families.

U.S., Mexico: The Decline of the Colorado River

May 13, 2013

Over-allocation of the river’s waters 90 years ago combined with increasing populations and economic growth in the river basin have created circumstances in which conservation efforts — no matter how organized — could be too little to overcome the projected water deficit that the Colorado River Basin will face in the next 20 years.

The World Did Not End, Now What?

Oakland, United States
Balazs Gardi, December 21, 2012

The world still exists although the over five thousand-year-old Mayan calendar has officially ended. To be honest I wasn’t really surprised since my friends in New Zealand had safely passed the doomsday deadline while I went to bed halfway around the globe.

Not everyone expected this day to be our last. Some interpreted it as the beginning of a new world rather than the end of it, others saw it as an opportunity for a global shift in awareness, a transformation in consciousness.