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Now the UN is intervening in Detroit’s water conflict. Could thirsty cities riot?

October 17, 2014
The Guardian

This intersection of poverty and water access brings to mind the “food desert” (an area underserved by grocery stores). Food deserts have created a public health paradox: without healthy food, the poor are more likely to be obese, relying on corner shops stocked with junk food. The difference is that when it comes to water, there is no alternative – fast food and sugary cereal might be the food desert substitute to fresh vegetables and whole grains, but there is no substitute for water.

Earth Day 2014

Oakland, United States
Shoka, April 22, 2014

Eight years before the first Earth Day, in 1962, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, a scientific book decrying the abuse wreaked on nature by chemical companies careless use of pesticides, fueled the start of the environmental movement.

Fifty-two years later, we still struggle to find harmony between our obsession over progress and nature’s capacity to keep up with this unbridled hunger. The question is whether all this advancement is necessary, or if it is simply a psychosis, a disorder we’ve let run wild far too long and that should be reined in before we lose our grip with reality.

“My family is breathing horrible fumes, we can’t enjoy our property and we’re trapped because no one else wants to live here. To protect our homes and our health, we’ve got no choice but to ban fracking.”

− Maile Bush,

Denton, TX resident

In Memory of Perween Rahman

Karachi, Pakistan
Balazs Gardi, July 29, 2013

Perween Rahman, an architect and urban planner by trade and one of Pakistan’s most prominent social workers, was brutally murdered in Karachi on March 13. Although some believe she was most likely shot dead by hit men contracted by the city’s powerful land mafia, when I met her, we talked about another equally dangerous and influential group that formed to benefit from Karachi’s stolen waters.

“The peasant squads used to be worried about petty crimes – a stolen cow and things like that – but now they are defending our land and water from multinational companies”

− Milton Sanchez,

Peruvian Activist

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Oakland, United States
Balazs Gardi, April 22, 2013

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“Plastic bottles have got to go. The bottles take so much energy to make, leach gross chemicals, and last forever. What’s convenient about that, man?”

− Jeff Bridges,

The Dude

“Everything we’re hearing is that there’s no good news for the Pacific bluefin. We’re seeing a very high value fish continue to be overfished”

− Amanda Nickson,

Director of Global Tuna Conservation Campaign, Pew Environment Group