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California drought creates grim ripple effect

Central Valley, California, United States
Shoka Javadiangilani & Balazs Gardi in collaboration with MSNBC, August 8, 2014

“The very success of a person as a politician is dependent upon resources that come from the people that you give exceptions to” – Michael Machado, farmer and former California State Senator.

After traveling more than 2,000 miles across California, it’s clear that the state’s drought is mired in paradox with decades of water mismanagement and regional fighting. While cities – some of which never installed water meters – struggle to convince its dwellers to conserve, agriculture consumes 80% of California’s water.

Fata Morgana

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Balazs Gardi, October 20, 2013

Due to climatic conditions and high per capita income the United Arab Emirates is already one of the largest water consuming countries in the world. Shopping centers and luxury hotels are built with vast and lavish water features. Sprinklers pump desalinated water on golf courses that evaporates before touching the ground while underground aquifers in the region are pumped dry.

Copenhagen’s Unique Line of Defense from the Middle Ages

Copenhagen, Denmark
Balazs Gardi, June 18, 2013

By damming a natural stream in the early Middle Ages a system of lakes were created to serve as a natural defense line and to provide water to the city in the event of an attack. Later, for centuries, the lakes served as reservoirs providing drinking water to Copenhagen.

Colorado River flows through Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas, United States
Balazs Gardi, May 19, 2013

According to researchers there is 50 percent chance Lake Mead, the nation’s largest manmade reservoir and a key source of water for millions of people in the southwestern United States, will be dry by 2021 if climate changes as expected and future water usage is not curtailed.

Saving Water in City Schools Starts With a (Smaller) Flush

May 13, 2013
The New York Times

The new toilets send 1.2 gallons of water down the pipes each time they are used, a reduction from 3.5 to 4.5 gallons with the old toilets.

The new toilets are part of the Department of Environmental Protection’s preparations for the temporary shutdown of the Delaware Aqueduct in 2020. The 85-mile aqueduct, which carries water from north of the city, currently supplies more than half of the city’s public water but needs to be taken out of use for repairs, which may force the city to get water from more expensive sources.

Ira J. Chrisman Wind Gap Pumping Plant

Tejon Ranch, United States
Balazs Gardi, May 8, 2013

The plant was named after Ira Jackson Chrisman who played a major role in developing the State Water Project and served as the chairman of the California Water Commission from 1967-76.

It Takes 400,000 Liters of Water a Day to Keep a Small Desert Golf Course Green

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Balazs Gardi, January 4, 2013

Looking down from a helicopter parts of Dubai look just as green as pastures in Scotland. Golf courses connect the various housing projects wrapped with artificial lakes and landscaped gardens, the Greens, the Meadows, The Lakes, The Jumeirah Islands.

With an estimated 350 liters, or a little over 92 gallons, per person per day the United Arab Emirates’ water consumption is among the highest in the world. The water used to irrigate the agricultural fields and keep the meticulously maintained golf courses and public gardens green would at least double this amount.